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Q. How much does it cost to use Make a Donation?
A. In reality; Nothing. We don't directly charge charities anything to use our service: no set-up charges, no registration fees, no commissions and no bank transaction charges. Every penny that your donors give, save for a 2.5% transaction charge applicable to every donation, really does go straight to your campaign. In other words you receive 97.5p of every £1.

Q. How do we register for Make a Donation?
A. You simply need to complete our online registration form and if you also want to crowd fund for a specific project or campaign send us the details of this separately to .

Q. Does our fundraising have to be project-based?
A. Yes. Whilst you can raise for as many projects as you like, our experience tells us that community-based fundraising is most successful with a short-term project, a realistic fundraising goal and a completion date. This helps potential donors to see exactly where their money will go, how much of a contribution they are making and how urgently you need their money.

Q. How do we receive our donations?
A. Consumers donate online - either on your Make a Donation page, your campaign page or through the sponsor button on a fundraiser's page. The donations go into a dedicated client account and then are transferred to your charity once a month.

Q. Do we have to wait until a campaign is completed to receive the money?
A. No, all donations collected in one calendar month are transferred to you the following month.

Q. Can we have more than one campaign running at once?
A. Yes, there is no restriction on the number of campaigns that a charity can run concurrently.

Q. How do our supporters know where to donate?
A. Your fundraising campaign has it’s own unique URL, which you can distribute to your supporters. For example - add it to your newsletters, website or social media messaging. Plus, givers can search for it from the Make a Donation homepage.

Q. How will Make a Donation help us draw attention to our campaign?
A. As well as providing you with a campaign page, Make a Donation will use, when it is able and at its dicretion, social media and PR on your behalf to tell people about your campaign. We can also assist you in a more bespoke campaign as well as supplying you with a variety of promotional tools, such as posters and web banners to use in your own communications. Please feel free at any time to ask for more information and the costs involved.

Q. Will Make a Donation provide details of those that have donated to our campaign?
A. Yes, we supply you with each donor’s contact details and the amount donated.

Q. Do you request Gift Aid collection through the website?
A. No, it is the responsibility of each charity to collect their own Gift Aid from the donation data we provide.

Q. We are a national charity, can we raise money through Make a Donation?

A. Yes, we work with local and national charities. Please contact us on if you need to discuss any specific needs.

Q. Is Make a Donation a registered company?
A. Yes, Make a Donation is registered as a limited company in England and Wales, with a company number 07853867. It has a Registered Office at 3 Manor Courtyard, High Wycombe, HP13 5RE. We are however considering becoming a charity or CIC.

Q. What happens if I need more information?
A. Just email Make a Donation on

Q. Where can I find more information and advice for charities?
A. We recommend the Small Charities Coalition. Small Charities Coalition is a national umbrella and capacity-building organisation with over 6,800 members UK-wide. They exist to help trustees, staff and volunteers of small charities access the skills, tools, and information they need to get going and do what they do best. You can find out more at their website

Q. What happens if I have a technical issue with the Make a Donation website?
A. Just email our technical support team on

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