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Introducing MaDpoints

MaDpoints is an innovative rewards and loyalty scheme for donors and fundraisers at Make a Donation. Local and national businesses can thank the generosity of givers by rewarding them with an exclusive offer through our MaDpoints scheme.

Businesses can also use our site to promote their offers to our community, who are looking to spend their MaDpoints on exciting rewards.

How can you participate in our MaDpoints scheme?

All you have to do is register with Make a Donation and pay a small monthly subscription fee to get started. Then it's up to you to think of your offer which is tailor made for your business.

You can even target where you want your offers to be promoted and decide how long you want your offers to be available for.

Make a Donation will help promote your offers through social media and blogs - helping to build awareness and  drive customers to your door. Plus, your offers will feature within 'thank you' emails to donors & fundraisers - these emails are highly effective as they are read and acted upon.

Why become involved in MaDpoints?

  • Community - you are supporting your local & national community of charities and their fundraisers
  • Precision – measure how successful your marketing has been
  • Flexibility – test the vouchers on different offers and compare results
  • Control – costs can be controlled by limiting the number of vouchers issued
  • Customer opportunity – offer a great service experience to encourage repeat business
  • Competitive advantage – vouchers give you the same promotional platform as national brands   and larger companies
  • Recessionary uplift – vouchers are a tried and tested way of attracting customers

To find out more on how MaD points are collected, read our guide to MaD points.

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