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Whilst all other fundraising sites (including JustGiving) can charge up to 6.3% in fees, we don't charge charities any fees whatsoever. There are no set-up fees, no commission and we hope one day to even be able to sustain paying a charity's bank transaction charges in respect of donations made - something that no other fundraising does or, as far as we are aware, proposes to do.

We are passionate about fee-free fundraising and our vision is to change the way giving is paid for in the UK. We believe charging charities is both wrong and unnecessary. We want fees for charities to become a thing of the past and our platform is proving this possible and pioneering change in the future of giving.

We believe, because we only deduct the 2.5% from each donation to cover the costs of and related to, the transaction charges, we offer effectively, fee free giving to charities. We believe this because the charities pay us nothing. This charity "fee-free" fundraising is only possible on our site with the support of the business community. Our business partners and sponsors effectively pay the fees usually charged to charities. In return, we offer fantastic benefits for businesses and we ensure that they have a way of actively supporting charities and their givers. Giving should be free for charities and cost-effective for businesses.

Make a Donation actively works with businesses to enlist their support, offering them a unique opportunity to increase their social responsibility, whilst enabling charities to raise more money. If this is something your business would like to get involved with, why not get started in just a few simple steps?

We have some big ideas at Make a Donation. By 2025, we aim to have at least 6 million donors, raising £100m a year for 8,000 charities, supported by 40,000 business outlets. To achieve this, the transaction costs alone will be £2.5m but that can be achieved with contribution from fees of only £62.50 from those 40,000. We need all the help you can provide, but in return we will work hard to give something back to you.

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