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Our vision is to change the way giving is paid for. Why should fees be deducted from donations? With a little help from the business community, we believe that this doesn’t need to happen.

Make a Donation is a unique fundraising & crowd-funding website. Unlike all other donation sites in the UK, we do not make any profit from donations. All that is paid is 2.5% to cover ongoing costs of the transaction charges. This means that 97.5p in every pound goes to good causes. Other site can charge up to 6.3%! Our aim is to, one day, be able to sustain a site where 100% of every donation is paid over. However to do that, we need the help of businesses from around the country.

With your help by paying a subscription, you'll be effectively paying the fees usually charged to charities through deductions from donations and sometimes, other charges. What you will be facilitating is to enable fundraisers to raise even more money for charities. The more you pay in ‘fees’, the more money charities can raise. The reality is that, to enable us to get to the point where we can grow Make a Donation to make a difference, we need to raise money and to enable us to achieve our aim of totally fee free giving, we have to raise the equivalent of 6.3p for every pound donated.

To put our cause into context, if we were able to garner the support from business then, for every £25 paid by you, our fundraisers can raise £396 for charity. For every £50 paid by you, our fundraisers can raise £793 for charity, totally fee-free!

What's in it for you?

We really believe that becoming involved with Make a Donation is a truly positive way for your business to give back to your local community or favourite charities. You can create a positive and ethical brand image with very little effort on your part.

By joining Make a Donation, you can become publicly affiliated with your favourite charities and promote your company as socially responsible. It is accepted now that business has an obligation to be socially responsible, but doing so creates potential issues of cost both in money and time. Supporting Make a Donation provides business with a helping hand towards achieving recognition that it has understood that obligation, whether that be locally or nationally. There is a cost, but only in financial terms and then not substantial. The cost in time is simply following the instructions to join. On top of that, you will be helping raise thousands more pounds for good causes.

We'll help promote all the great work you're doing for charity - through social media, blogs and within 'thank you' emails to our community. The point for you is that your business appears by name, targeted at a driven sector of society; those that give. We can also design and run bespoke campaigns. All you need do is contact us to discuss your ideas. We can then advise you and let you know the cost.

And there's an added bonus...

You can thank the generosity of givers. We have a unique rewards and loyalty scheme on our website - MaDpoints. Every time someone donates or reaches a new fundraising milestone, we'll award them MaDpoints, which can be redeemed for exclusive offers from our business partners.

Your rewards for givers will be displayed on your dedicated business page on our website, as well as on our 'Find a Voucher' page. Keep them up for as little or as long as you like - there are no restrictions on what you offer.

This mean you can help charities and give back to their supporters at the same time; effectively encouraging charitable donations. It also means you have a ready-made market place to promote your services and products, which might even result in some extra sales!

We give:

  • You increased social responsibility and a way to promote it
  • The ability to be seen to be supporting your community
  • You the chance to help charities and encourage fundraising, with little effort
  • An opportunity to reward our ever-growing audience of charity supporters
  • Help in promoting your products and offers through social media and blogs
  • Your business a dedicated page on our website
  • You the chance to feature in Make a Donation’s marketing activity and receive material to help with your own marketing

All of this with little or no cost of your time and an outlay in financial terms that we believe represents true value for promoting your business.

Why Make a Donation?

Our donors and fundraisers form an active audience who are looking to purchase from you. We know a lot about the people who donate on our site. We know that:

  •  70% think it is important that a company always acts ethically
  •  The majority are aged 25-55
  •  40% like to buy products from companies who give back to society
  •  79% are social grade ABC1
  •  They go to a restaurant in the evening at least once a month on average.
  •  53% always use money-off coupons and discount vouchers

Plus, our reach is great due to the intrinsic share-ability of online fundraising. The beauty of our website is that we reach out to our fundraisers and their friends and family as well, when fundraisers share their activity to increase donations. Therefore, each fundraiser will bring a wealth of other connections, so our database is constantly expanding.

So what next?

Sign up your business if you are keen to:

  •   Increase your social responsibility
  •   Help your business and charities at the same time
  •   Give back to your local and national community
  •   Raise awareness about your company and its products

It just takes a few simple steps to get started...


Or an alternative...

If you’d prefer to go down a different route - we also offer sponsorship opportunities for Make a Donation. Your business can really help keep fundraising fee-free for charities on our website. You will receive a range of additional benefits and great services. Read on to find out how sponsorship works on our website or take a look at our sponsors guide.

And finally...

Please let us know what your favourite charity or local community organisation is, so we can help them as well. Remember:

  •  Charities can join us for free and
  •  Make a Donation will only deduct a fee from each donation to cover the transaction process, currently 2.5%. With enough business supporting us, one day we may be able to reduce this to zero.

Your support enables us to achieve this - thank you.

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