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Q. How does my chosen charity get my donation?
A. You make your donation online through your chosen charity’s page on the Make a Donation website. From there, your donation is transferred directly into your chosen charity’s dedicated account.

Q. Does my chosen charity receive 100% of my donation?
A. Unfortunately no! We have to make a deduction for the necessary costs of processing the payments made. Our provider, WorldPay, works closely with us in an attempt to keep those costs at a minimum but, until we can obtain sufficient support to reduce or eliminate deductions for this element, we currently deduct 2.5% of each donation. that, we believe, is a better consistent charge than will be found elsewhere. What we don't do is make any profit from the deductions.

Q. What happens if my preferred charity is not registered with Make a Donation?
A. Just get in touch with us and we'll contact them with the opportunity to register. If a charity doesn't want to join us, then you can't raise money on our site, unless we have the charity's bank details, we can't pay them!

Q. Can my chosen charity claim Gift Aid on my donation?
A. Yes but we do not do that. However we provide all the Gift Aid information so they can claim it.

Q. Does Make a Donation charge admin fees to charities for collecting their donations?
A. No, Make a Donation only charges the 2.5% in respect of transaction charges as we have outlined above.

Q. What happens if I want to make a donation but don’t want MaDpoints?
A. That’s not a problem - you don't have to use them. When you make a donation with us, you are automatically allocated MaDpoints as a thank you. MaDpoints remain valid for 12 months after you make your donation, so you can redeem them for a voucher at any time within that period.

Q. How do I receive my voucher?
A. As soon as you have chosen your voucher, we'll email it across to you. You just need to take the unique code and use it online or offline.

Q. How do I know that the vouchers on this website are from reputable businesses?
A. Before accepting a business on Make a Donation, the business is vetted by us and agrees to our terms and conditions; any business that fails to meet our criteria will not be registered on our website. If there are problems we will investigate when notified.

Q. How long do I have to redeem my voucher?
A. Normally this is 28 days from the date you download it, however there may be variations which will be clearly stated on the voucher. The exact time period can be found under the terms and conditions on the voucher.

Q. Can I create a fundraising page with Make a Donation?
A. Yes, it's very simple to get started & create your own page.

Q. How do I link to my chosen charity?
A. When you create your page, you will be asked to select the charity or campaign that you want your donations to go to. It will then automatically link your fundraising page and the charity's page.

Q. What if I want to raise money for a charity that’s not on the Make a Donation website?
A. Just get in touch to refer a charity to us and we’ll find out if they’d like to join our website.

Q. Can I raise money offline as well as through the website?
A. Yes, we provide a fundraising form to download once you have created your fundraising page.

Q. Can I add the money I raise offline to my page total?
A. Yes, just add it to your total manually when you sign it.

Q. What do I do with the money I raised offline once I complete my fundraising activity?
A. Pay the money into your bank account and send a cheque, made payable to the organisation you are raising money for, along with any other cheques and your completed sponsorship form to:

Make a Donation Ltd

3 St Andrews Court,

Wellington Street,




Q. Who do I make cheques payable to?
A. Please make all cheques payable to the charity you are supporting.

Q. Is Make a Donation a registered charity?
A. No, Make a Donation is registered as a limited company. However, now we have been established for some years we are considering the structure of either a charity or a Community Interest Company.

Q. What happens if I need more information?
A. Just drop us a line at

Q. What happens if I have a technical problem with the Make a Donation website?
A. Just email our technical support team on

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