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Speed of Sight

I met a man last year that inspired me to be a better person. His name is Mike Newman and he is a 8 time World Record holder (7 Guinness World Records.)  Mike is currently the fastest blind man on the planet on land and water. He dedicates his time and efforts running an amazing charity called Speed of Sight. They host driving days for disabled adults and children, inspiring self-confidence, social interaction, physical and mental wellbeing throughout the UK. I have decided to ditch the heels and put on my trainers. I am going to complete the Great North run in September in an effort to raise £500 for Speed of Sight. This will help fund a track day to provide disabled individuals with a once in a lifetime experience that they will cherish forever. I have not ran this sort of distance for many years now, so I am a little nervous. I don't think Mo has anything to worry about.... but I am determined to reach the finish line for this worthy cause.

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