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RideLondon-Surrey 100

I am cycling 100 miles along the route used during the London Olympics in 2012.

I love cycling and doing charity events. I have a link with Burkino Faso, West Africa as I spent a couple of weeks there about 8 years ago and have been raising money since to help the communities there. Now I'm branching out to Mali, supporting the Mali Development Group. They're a UK group of enthusiastic volunteers who support 2 charities in Mali run by Malians. One of them helps street children and  the other works mainly in rural villages assisting communities to make their own plans for development. The kinds of things money goes towards is grain grinding mills, education, and support for market gardening projects such as seeds, fencing and water retention schemes.

The bike ride will be a challenge for me but nothing compared to the life of women in Mali, so please help me to raise as much money as possible.

The Mali Development Group has been going for nearly 20 years. Their links with the 2 charities in Mali are very strong and they know that all the money raised is spent as agreed.

Thanks for your suport.


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