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Monsal Trail Abseil

To descend a rock face or other near-vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled round the body and fixed at a higher point. 

In this instance, the start point will be a viaduct on the Monsal Trail, to the river and path below. Whereby, with a conventional abseil, progress is made down a solid surface, with this, once the arch of the viaduct is cleared, each person, in turn, is suspended is free air, the only point of contact, being the rope. Each person will wear a climbing harness and be clipped onto the rope, which will allow them to lower themselves off the parapet of the viaduct, to the ground below. For safety, they will also be anchored to a safety rope, controlled by a qualified instructor.

Well, we did it and we enjoyed it so much, we went down three times each.

Unfortunately, we were very remiss, failing to obtain the name/details of a very generous Australian lady, who was observing. When we explained what Borderland is all about, she, apologetically said she didn't have any UK currency on her, but very kindly donated 100 Australian $.

Thank you to our unkown donor.

As this wasn't a "sponsored'" event, in the strictest sense, ie, so much per mile/foot/yard, please don't let that put you off donating after the event. The funding needs don't cease once the abseil is finished.

Thank you to everyone who supported is, from donors, to the team members and their families.

A huge thanks to Mark Fox, our anchorman on the day and the voice of calm to those of us less confident. Brilliant job Mark.

Thank you to Jaz Bagdi, who's smile never left his face. whether he was on the rope, or solid ground.

Thank you to Zuleika, not least for overcoming your fears (three times). What next for you?

Thank you to our friends and families for supporting us on the day.

Lyn, James, Stuart, Kira, Dee, Jo, Matt, Leeanne, our chairman of trustees, Bob and last, but by no means least Rokai, 5 in August and Matthew, 6 next February, both of whom descended three times each.

A terrific time, in aid of a very worthwhile cause.


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