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Tibetan Education & Relief Association

TERA - now in it's 30th year - supports children's education, and the health and welfare of impoverished people in Himalayan communities of Tibet, India, and Nepal. Our volunteers self-fund TERA's work, so 100% of your donation benefits others.

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TERA - now in it's 30th year - has long-standing projects in Himalayan communities of Tibet, India, and Nepal, where we provide sponsorship for children’s education, and the health and welfare of impoverished people from multi-ethnic backgrounds.

In a highly-restricted remote area of Tibet we support a health clinic, and have also funded the building of a school where we provide sponsorship to help children with their schooling up to the age of 13. Overall, we help over 70 nomadic Tibetan Drokpa families.

In Nepal we currently sponsor the education, health and welfare of thirteen impoverished Nepalese Tamang, Nawari, and Sherpa children. However, the numbers fluctuate and we would like to sponsor 100 children every year. The children also receive extra-curricular English lessons from a top Nepali teacher, who gives her time freely so that they may achieve a high standard of English education for a better start in life. TERA is focused more than ever on enabling children to become well-educated, as a skilled population is vital to the recovery of Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquakes.

In India, TERA sponsors the education and necessary school equipment and uniforms of twelve Indian children (one each from twelve families) to enable them to attend State Indian School. Their mothers (sometimes with up to five children, living in one room) have either been abandoned or left unsupported due to severe family health issues. We have also helped with the building of separate outside toilets for some of the poorest Indian communities, thus enabling them to apply for food coupons and feed their families.

Our small group of unpaid volunteers meet their own expenses, so every penny of your donation goes directly to our projects and benefits those in most need.

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