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The Theatre Shed

Seeing is believing. The Theatre Shed inspires children and young adults to make 'Anything is Possible' happen. Bringing together able-bodied children and children with disabilities, the Theatre Company puts on events and brings the world to life. By working together children learn, gain confidence and their lives are enhanced - so join us at a show and support us through donating to our campaigns.


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More about the charity

A young persons theatre creating innovative & inspiring entertainment

Our vision is to build a sustainable theatre that brings together children and adults, from a range of backgrounds, to create wonderfully innovative, inspiring, inclusive theatre.

Many of the young people and adults who walk through our doors have had others closed in their faces because: they are not the 'right' type, they don't have enough money, or they have been labelled with a disability. Labels mean nothing to us. Everyone's welcome - there are no auditions. And everyone's free to express themselves without fear - have some serious fun and make friends at the same time.

As such Shed is a unique charity in the local area and plays an invaluable role in the local community.

Our Patron Tom Connor says; "It is of great importance for our young people to have spaces in which they can express themselves and work together as equals. So much of their development is based around a strict curriculum of targets set to achieve a uniform standard. There are important disciplines to learn within that system, but The Theatre Shed offers them the opportunity to take ownership of something outside of that environment. To develop all that is unique to them as an individual and apply that to a creative process. 

Having worked with them as a tutor in the past I have seen how trans-formative it can be for everyone within that creative space. It is a luxury that not all have access too. It must be nurtured, protected and when necessary provided for to ensure it is there for the young people involved and future generations."

Weekly music, dance and drama workshops bring together young people and adults to explore ideas, discover their abilities, feel more confident, pick up valuable social and communication skills, gain a real sense of responsibility, leadership and citizenship. Many of the young people go on to become volunteers and mentors to our younger childrens' theatre groups, and to pursue further education courses, or careers in the Arts of Childcare.

Please donate. We'd also like to invite you to visit us at a show.  Details can be found on our website.  We know you will enjoy it! 

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