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Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation works to improve the care, protection and treatment of elephants in Sri Lanka by providing a place of sanctuary with medical services and facilities.


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Captive elephants are a sad fact of life, one that is unlikely to change in Sri Lanka- a country who’s roots are set so deeply in tradition, still recovering from a 30 year long civil war and the Tsunami of 2004. The life of a captive elephant can be miserable. Millennium Elephant Foundation was founded in August 1999 in memory of Sam Samarasinghe and is one of the few organisations dedicated to improving the lives of captive elephants, we have already influenced and advised other organisations worldwide.

MEF provide an alternative where the elephants receive specialist care with their individual mahout and the supporting team here. They do not do heavy manual work and are well provided for with food, water and medical treatment. Regular exercise is good for the elephants and we have an enrichment program in place. We also aim to help the elephant’s wild counterparts and raise awareness on responsible tourism.

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Millennium Elephant Foundation
Tel 0094 779 387339

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