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LPLD Alliance works to improve the lives of people affected by Familial Chylomicronaemia Syndrome (FCS).  FCS is an ultra-rare condition affecting 1 to 2:1,000,000 people.

People with FCS are unable to digest most fats as their lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme which breaks down fat, is either absent, limited or defective.  As a result, fat stays within the blood stream in the form of particles called chylomicrons giving the blood its classic creamy-white appearance and causing symptoms including recurrent and severe abdominal pain and life-threatening pancreatitis. 

The damage caused to the pancreas by FCS also significantly increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Currently the only treatment for the condition is a radical reduction of fat in the diet to under 20g fat daily which is very difficult to achieve, and places a huge burden of the lives of patients and those close to them. 


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LPLD Alliance supports people affected by familial chylomicronaemia syndrome to lead a full, healthy and integrated life and advocates for access to excellent care and new medicines.

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