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Bog Roll Snowball

Funding target: £20,000

Poverty will not be tackled without sanitation. Diseases will continue to spread, and many young people, girls in particular, will suffer from a lack of education, safety, and dignity. 

So please support our campaign, have some fun for a good cause, and help us to continue providing sustainable, eco-friendly, long-lasting ecosan sanitation facilities that help develop communities and save lives.

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Welcome to the Bog Roll Snowball Challenge!

Even if there is no snow this year, we want everybody to have a little bit of fun this winter and throw some snowballs!

But these are no ordinary snowballs. These are bog roll snowballs, and the more people throwing bog roll snowballs, the more money raised for Sanitation First, and the more toilets built for the millions of people in India who do not have access to safe, clean sanitation. 


Sanitation First

Sanitation First is a UK based charity providing GroSan toilets in the developing world.  2.4 billion people around the world don’t have access to a toilet, the impact this has on people’s health, wellbeing and ability to lead productive lives is...

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