MaDpoints Q&A

If you have any questions about MaDpoints there is a good chance that they are already answered below.

QandAQ. How long do MaDpoints last for?

A. Your MaDpoints last forever so long as you use your account during the 12 month period from when they were awarded. Using your account involves either donating to a charity, sponsoring a friend, registering for an event or redeeming some points. This will enable you to build up your points if you wish and then redeem them against some of the higher value offers.

Q. I don’t have enough MaDpoints to get the voucher I want?

A. Don’t worry, there are two ways around this.  Click on the Download button on the voucher. During the transaction process, you can make up the difference between your current MaDpoints balance, and the MaDpoints value of the voucher by making a one-off donation by credit card to your chosen charity. Alternatively, make a further donation to your favourite charity or sponsor a friend first to get more MaDpoints before you download the voucher.

Q. I can’t find any offers in my area.

A. Don’t panic, there will be soon! We are adding local, national and online businesses all the time. And as you can save up your MaDpoints you will be able to check back at any time to redeem them. By opting to receive our emails you will be the first to know!

Q. What happened to my Voucher Credits?

A. If you had voucher credits in your account at the time of us launching MaDpoints, we will have converted them into their equivalent value in MaDpoints.

Q How much is a MaDpoint worth?

A. MaDpoints do not have a cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged in whole or in part for cash. They can only be used to download vouchers and offers codes being promoted on our site.

Q. Do any terms and conditions apply to the voucher I download?

A. The terms and conditions of the voucher are defined by the business offering the voucher. These terms and conditions will be displayed on the voucher before you download it.

Q. What if I don’t want MaDpoints?

A. Well that’s up to you.  Your account will be credited with them and just like other reward or loyalty schemes there is no need to spend them if you don’t want to. However your favorite charities would love it if you did as the more businesses benefit, the more will subscribe. This means we are able to help more charities and communities.

Q. What happens if I need more information?

A. Just email Make a Donation on

Q. What happens if I have a technical issue with the Make-a-Donation website?

A. Just email our technical support team on

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