Introducing MaDpoints

MaDpoints is a brand new rewards scheme available to anyone donating to a charity or to a fundraising page on Make a Donation. With MaDpoints you can search immediately for great offers by local businesses, or choose to save them up and redeem them for the nice little treats in life, and a few essentials too.

MaDpoints – how do they work?

1. Donate to a charity or sponsor a friend

We will award you MaDpoints each time you sponsor a friend on their fundraising page or if you make a general donation to a charity on this site. Not only do you get MaDpoints for your generosity, but every penny you sponsor or donate goes directly to the charity involved.

2. The more you give, the more MaDpoints you receive

Each time you make a donation we will add MaDpoints into your account.  Log in to your account at the top of any page to see how many MaDpoints you have. The quantity of MaDpoints that you receive is related to the amount you have donated, so the more you donate, the more MaDpoints you receive.

3. Go shopping for vouchers

Whenever you fancy treating yourself or your friends, search our site for a wide range of offers available from a range of businesses.  Businesses have uploaded their offers in the form of vouchers, showing what the offer is and its value in MaDpoints.  If you can’t find a voucher that suits you right now don’t worry, try again a few days later because new offers are being uploaded each day.

4. Redeem a voucher using your MaDpoints

Once you have found the ideal voucher, you can redeem it using your MaDpoints.  Click on the voucher, choose how many you want, and press the download button.  Your voucher(s) will then download to your PC ready for you to print out and use, either in store or via an online checkout.

5. Enjoy, and come back for more

Unlike other charity fundraising sites, Make a Donation gives you MaDpoints every time you donate.  Once you have experienced the benefit of buying vouchers using your MaDpoints, visit us again and keep on donating.


Got any questions? 

If you have any questions about MaDpoints check out our frequently asked questions to get quick answers.

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