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Fundraiser Focus on Freya Wilson

Written on March 2nd, 2016 by and filed in Latest Fundraising News & Events, Make a Donation News & Info

A Sports for Schools fundraiser is Freya Wilson. She will be participating in a fitness circuit with Dan James, Paralympics Footballer on the 9th of March 2016. Her goal is to raise £100.

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We decided to investigate why 5 year old Freya has taken on this amazing challenge to raise £100 for her school which is Oake Bradford and Nynehead Primary School.

Via Freya’s mummy, we asked her some rather important questions.

Why are you taking part in this amazing challenge? Freya told us that she wants to raise money for her school because she wants the other children to be able to play and have PE equipment to use.

How much money would you like to raise?  She would like to raise a thousand pounds!!!  That’s a really awesome ambition Freya.

What will be your favourite part? Her favourite bit will be the doing the fitness circuit and beating Dan James!!! Oh and having cakes after as she will be hungry from running around.  Dan… I think you will have a little fire cracker on your hands with Freya, you had better watch out!

What is your favourite sport? Gymnastics and climbing the ropes at Vivary park. She says she likes swinging off the ropes like a monkey because monkeys are cheeky and she’s sometimes cheeky too!!!  Something tells us that she might be cheeky often!

What would Freya like to be when she grows up? She wants to be in an orchestra and play her violin (which she has lessons for) and be a doctor because she wants to help the sick children get better.  We think Freya will be amazing at whatever she does.

Who is Freya’s Favourite popstar? She loves listening to Katy Perry and her favourite song from her is the lion song where she roars!! She will certainly be ROARING on the 9th, chasing down poor Dan!

And finally Freya, what is your favourite colour? PURPLE  🙂

Thank you Freya for being such an amazing sport and answering our questions. We think you are a star. Good luck on the 9th of March (and good luck to Dan James we think you might need it Dan!)

If you would like to sponsor Freya then you can do so here 100% fee free, which means that every penny of your donation goes towards Freya’s target. 

Freya and her best pal Lucy


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