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Charity crowd-funding in 5 steps

Written on October 19th, 2015 by and filed in Fundraising Tips & Advice

The latest buzz in the charity world is crowd-funding – but many charities are still feeling a little lost about how they can get involved & benefit from the power of crowd-funding. Here’s how it works in 5 steps…

green heart1. Choose a project

It’s key to remember that crowd-funding is slightly different to fundraising – it’s fantastic for raising money for a certain project for your charity. For example, if you’re trying to buy a new piece of equipment or even construct a building – crowd-funding is a good place to start!


magnifying glass2. Set up your crowd-funding page

It’s very easy to set up a crowd-funding page on Make a Donation and will appear as a campaign on your charity page. From your crowd-funding page, anyone can donate to your project – and you’ll be able to easily track your progress and support.


handshake3. Say thank you

Although anyone can donate to your project, crowd-funding only works if you reward the givers for their support. As they’re not supporting a friend or family member in a sponsored challenge, it’s important to provide them incentive to give. Unlike other platforms, Make a Donation provides the rewards for charities. This means it’s effort-free for your charity and with every donation, givers can redeem a fantastic offer from a great brand.


megaphone blue icon4. Share, share, share

Of course, an important element in all fundraising is to spread the word about what you’re doing. Having a dedicated page for your crowd-funding project makes it easy to share with your followers – whether it’s in your newsletter, emails or on social media. The more you get it out there, the more support you will receive.


piggybank icon5. Reap the rewards

Once you’ve finished your crowd-funding campaign, Make a Donation will simply transfer the money to your charity. The beauty of our site is that there are no limits on the money you raise and you get real donations, not pledges. Unlike other crowd-funding sites, your charity can take away whatever money you raise, whether you reach your target or not.


So if you’re feeling inspired, why not get started on your crowd-funding?

Or if you have any questions, check out our charity guide or feel free to get in touch


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