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Written on October 6th, 2014 by and filed in Fundraising Tips & Advice

The 5 Worst Charity Run Outfits

By Jeremy Angel

Angels Fancy Dress are teaming up with us again to find you the best outfits for your fancy dress fundraising events. We’ve already seen the 5 best fancy dress outfits to choose from in our previous blog post. And now it’s time to reveal the 5 worst costumes you could wear for your charity run…


1. Disney Princessesproduct-enlarged

Yes, yes, they’re glamorous and beautiful and you want the crowd to see how perfect you are. But here’s the thing: princesses are not aerodynamic. Wear a big billowy dress and you’re going to experience some serious drag. If you’re male, there’s also a rather amusing pun there, diminished by me pointing it out.

2. Pantomime Horse

Or any four-legged creature for that matter. It may look amusing to the over-60s and under-10s but attempting to run any kind of distance while portraying the hind legs of a donkey, among other things, will be a hot and uncomfortable experience. It won’t be much better at the front; you’ll have to drag your partner when they pass out.

3. A ‘Running’ Refrigerator

This is a lot of effort to go to for a mildly amusing pun – some would argue too much effort. Large rectangular objects are not exactly streamlined and it will be ridiculously awkward to move in. It will also be very hot in there, unless it’s a real fridge, in which case – are you insane? Any other bulky, large-object costume will present the same problem, no matter how awesome it looks.

4. Runaway Brideproduct-enlarged-1

It might be fun to watch, but a fancy wedding dress will only hold you back when running. Not only that but it’s a good way to be left behind. Look at it this way: when a man is pursued by a lady in a wedding dress, does he stop to make small talk or does he magically disappear?

5. Giant Animal

Some people like dressing as animals, that’s fine, and I’m not judging you. However, the problem with big animal costumes is that they are incredibly snug, heavy and annoyingly cumbersome. You will stumble, you will overheat, you will suffer from a combination of exhaustion and the smell of your own concentrated sweat.


Need a costume for your charity event? Angels Fancy Dress are offering our fundraisers and donors exclusive vouchers to help out. With eight miles of costumes for hire and hundreds of thousands of costumes to buy, we’re sure they can find you the perfect outfit. Check out their website to see their range.


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