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Angels Fancy Dress

Written on September 1st, 2014 by and filed in Fundraising Tips & Advice

The 5 Best Charity Run Outfits

By Jeremy Angel

It’s Charity Run season, a time when we all get together to run a long distance for a great cause. And that’s all well and good, but the real fun is the dressing up. In the 174 years that Angels Fancy Dress and Angels The Costumiers have been around for, we have seen all kinds of creative costumes, although it has to be said many of them are rather impractical. As we’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Make a Donation, we want to make sure you do your best in whatever charity adventure you partake in (and have fun at the same time!). With that in mind, we’ve selected our top 5 costumes for running a charity race.


1. Famous Athlete

Hey, they dress to win so the more authentic the costume, the better prepared you are. It may even inspire you to run faster, although chances are you aren’t in quite as good shape, so it’s best not to push yourself too hard.


2. Superhero

Superhero costumes are designed for them to be able to move fast in. Skin-tight spandex is flexible and unrestrictive, making it perfect for running long distances. It would probably be wise to ditch the cape however. We’ve all seen Disney’s The Incredibles.

3. Caveman

Cavemen wore minimal clothes so they never had to worry about excess material catching the wind, getting snagged or otherwise holding them back. However, they also went barefoot so you might want to take a few liberties with your caveman costume on that front – it’s not a recommended way to run a race, particularly on the streets of London.

4. Ninja

Ninjas are awesome and since they need to be able to move quickly and quietly, a good ninja costume will provide you with all the flexibility you need to dodge through the crowd and sneak up on the finishing line. Best leave your weapons at home though.

5. Gladiator

Are you not entertained? You will be if you run as a gladiator, provided you opt for lighter armour. A minimal costume will be easier to run in and should keep you cool, while a gladiator kilt is a more comfortable option if you want to avoid chafing. But please, wear underwear.


Stuck for a costume for your charity event? We are offering Make a Donation fundraisers and donors a 15% discount in exchange for 1500 MaDpoints! With eight miles of costumes for hire and hundreds of thousands of costumes to buy, we’re sure we can find something that is perfect for you, whatever the event. Head on over to our website at to see our range.


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