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5 tips to promote your fundraising page

Written on January 29th, 2015 by and filed in Fundraising Tips & Advice

It’s very easy to get fundraising on Make a Donation, but the real question is what do you do next? We’ve come up with our top 5 tips to promote your fundraising page – making sure you can effectively spread the word about your challenge and get as many donations as possible!


green heart1. First of all – when you’re setting up your fundraising page, make sure you include plenty of detail about your event. It’s a great idea to mention exactly what you’re doing in your challenge, how you’ll be preparing for it and of course why you’re raising money for the charity you’ve chosen. It helps people emotionally connect with your challenge and they’ll feel more inclined to donate if they know exactly what they’re contributing to!


mail symbol2. Once you’re all set up, you need to spread the word. A good starting point is to send out an email to all your friends, family and work colleagues – who are most likely to donate to your cause. You could also mention that every time they donate to your page, they’ll be rewarded with MaDpoints, which they can spend on exclusive vouchers on our site – their generosity will be rewarded.


megaphone icon3. And of course, it’s essential to get social. Why not post a few statuses on Facebook promoting your challenge – and make sure to include a link to your fundraising page too. And if you have Twitter too – it’s another great place to promote your cause. The more people comment and like your posts, the more your fundraising page will be seen by different people – so make sure your posts are engaging.


piggybank icon4. Another important thing to consider – when is the best time to post your updates on social media? When it comes to Twitter, the best times are during the work commute – so from 8-9.30am and 4-6pm. Facebook is a little more flexible – it really depends on your age and circumstances. So think about when in the day you check your Facebook, and you’ll find that your friends will probably do the same. Why not post an update at least once every fortnight in the run-up to your event and then everyday in the last few days – you’ll soon discover what works and what doesn’t!


charity character5. Last but not least – let us know what you’re doing for charity and we’ll help promote your fundraising page. All it takes is a little tweet to @Make_a_Donation or simply write on the wall of our Facebook page to tell us your plans. We’ll then share it with our entire community of givers!

So with these 5 tips to promote your fundraising page – you may find your fundraising is going really well. And that means you could become our next superstar fundraiser of the month! Not only will you be on the shortlist for a prize, but you’ll be in with the chance of winning your charity an extra £1000 donation from us. So nominate yourself or a friend by emailing – you never know, it could be you next!

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